Answer The Call

Answer the call of the Holy Spirit to lead New Life Community Church! A church with a unique history
and a promising future in beautiful Nashville, IN!

In the summer of 1984, the pastor and several men from a church in Nashville, IN attended a conference
in Dallas, TX. The conference ignited a passion in these men to grow the church, advance the Kingdom
and minister to people of the community by following the example of Christ Jesus in the gospels, to
worship and know the Lord more intimately, and function in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The elders, deacons, and some members of the church were not inclined to break with tradition, nor
welcome the gifts of the Spirit, while many yearned to experience more of the fullness of the Lord. As a
result, a non-denominational church was born and named New Life Community Church.
In December of 1984, New Life held its first service with 181 people attending. Meetings were held in
various rented locations near the town of Nashville until 1988 when the founding members of New Life
raised monies to purchase land and build a church – some members even mortgaging their own homes
to do so.
New Life, since its conception, desires to see people healed in spirit, soul, and body. New Life has always
had an emphasis on discipleship for all ages, a great love for Israel and to understand the Jewish roots of
Christianity and is devoted to supporting ministries throughout the community and the world.