Lead Pastor Position

Lead Pastor
New Life Community Church

The Lead Pastor at New Life Community Church will lead the congregation according to the by-laws and the statement of faith of the church and will possess the following qualities.

*Spiritual Maturity

– Be obedient to the direction of God, Son, and Holy Spirit and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit including all gifts.  ROMANS 8;14 | ROMANS 12:4-12 | GALATIANS 5:25

– Engage in bold and expository preaching on difficult subjects while discerning from God’s Word, as led by the Holy Spirit.  2 TIMOTHY 3:10-17

– Listen to God and communicate in-depth Biblical truth and explain God’s Word to foster continuous learning for his congregation, integrating Greek and Hebrew knowledge.  ROMANS 10:17 | ROMANS 12:2 | LUKE 6:47-48 | ISAIAH 28:23

– Support Israel as God’s chosen people. ISAIAH 44:1 | DEUTERONOMY 7:6-8 | ISAIAH 11:12 AND 14:11-2 |

– Inspire and motivate the church body to further outreach efforts.| MARK 16:15 | MATTHEW 28:19 |            ACTS 1:8 | ISAIAH 6:8

– Uphold the covenant of marriage, between a man and a woman. GENESIS 2;12-24 | MATTHEW 19:4-6 | EPHESIANS 5:22-23

– Belief that water baptism and communion are two of the ordinances that Jesus Christ committed to the Church to be observed during the present age. Believe baptism by immersion and communion is open to all believers.
MATTHEW 3:16  |  MATTHEW 28:19-20 | ACTS 2:38  | ACTS 8:38-39 |  ROMANS 6:4-5  |  LUKE 22:19-20 |      1 CORINTHIANS 11:26

– Believe that Salvation is provided only by the shedding of Christ’s blood and His resurrection. Salvation is complete and eternal and is received through faith by God’s grace alone.  JOHN 1:7  | HEBREWS 9:22 EPHESIANS 2:8-9


*Servant Leadership

 – Lead the church according to the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of New Life Community Church.

– Understand, embrace, and accomplish its mission to make disciples both locally and globally through the vision of engaging Christ’s followers in worship, ministry, discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism.

– Lead the church with integrity, patience, and demonstrate selflessness, following Christ’s example, with the ability to both delegate and coach.

– Focus on mentorship and discipleship with an action- oriented approach.

– Inspire the congregation to continuous prayer and study of God’s Word.

– Foster a family-oriented and hospitable climate within the church.

– Act as the visionary to provide leadership and be the face of the church when interacting with members and the community.


*Effective Communication

– Communicate compassionately, truthfully, and diplomatically in situations, both one on one and to the whole body.

– Maintain an open dialogue with the Elders regarding church, staff, volunteer and personal performance.

– Communicate clearly and consistently with Elders regarding time needed away from church responsibilities
for vacations, family obligations, rest, and/or professional development.

– Work with staff and elders to ensure ministry responsibilities, including the pulpit, are covered.

– Review with the Board of elders his performance and leading the church in a way consistent with the stated mission and purpose.

*Administrative Detail

– Execute the Strategic Plan and lead, disciple and encourage ministerial staff according to the Mission,
Vision, and Values of New Life Community Church.

– Manage the church with financial integrity, adhering to the budget.

– Work with the ministerial staff to establish a shared vision and purpose for the church and translate broad
goals into achievable steps within their respective ministry responsibilities.

– Oversee the planning of worship services, outreach, and events to support staff and lay leaders to successfully
coordinate these services and events.

– Lead through multiple tasks, with the essential skill to delegate and hold staff accountable for deliverables and
outcomes in their respective roles and ministries.

– Work with the Elders, staff, and volunteers to implement initiatives for the church in line with the Mission and

– Oversee the operation of the church including budget, staff, and volunteers.


Resume submittals may be sent to: NewLife@NewLifeCC.org
Contact information: —Jenn Milnes—Pastor Search Lead Phone: 812-201-1710